Accepting our Resources are Finite

Our planet faces many problems which have arguably many different causes. However ultimately they all revolve the same issue, the human race and it’s overuse of the earth’s resources. If you think about almost any environmental problem they all pretty much come down to this in some way or other. We simply use too many resources to support our lifestyles and with population growth generally increasing across the world and habitable land reducing because of climate change this is not going to get better on it’s own.

It need tackling of course on a global level but we can do our part too, the worldwide changes start on a local level and gather momentum.  A prime example is our use of plastic, a decade ago no-one was concerned but now we are beginning to take notice of the waste and damage it causes to our planet.

Finite resources from the Earth’s crust, oceans and atmosphere will one day run out. They can be processed to provide energy and useful materials. Renewable resources are those which will not run out in the foreseeable future. One of the most important finite resources in the crust is crude oil.

When individuals start to take notice soon the corporations will follow public opinion, it’s in their interests after all.  If we make it a priority you will see global corporations and events making it theirs too.  If you like sport, just imagine the initiatives that can happen there as well.  When I sit down and watch the Premiership football on Match of the Day online on my computer (accessed like this) , I’m not alone there are millions of people across the world doing exactly the same – it’s a great place to engage an audience.

Anyone can help encourage investment in new wind, solar, wave and tidal electricity by opting to invest in greener electricity through your electricity company. The best policy, as used in Germany and many other countries, is certainly one that guarantees higher payments on the electricity market place for individuals and companies who generate renewable energy. Simply by ensuring a good price was actually paid for green electrical energy, the authorities helped to make wind turbines and solar panels an attractive investment, massively enhancing storage capacity in an only a few years.

Within the UK, the government took on a different plan called the Renewables Obligation. This meant that electricity providers needed to buy a certain proportion of their electricity from renewable generators, As a result of this, the companies could create ‘green’ tariffs simply by reallocating the renewable resource they had to purchase anyway to these particular customers, developing no extra capacity whatsoever. Good greener tariffs Don’t despair: you can nevertheless make a difference by choosing a green tariff if you make certain your electricity company actually transforms some of your money into new wind turbines, wave farms and solar panels.

Ethical Consumer journal gives each a straightforward rating to help you make up your mind. In 2007, the National Consumer Council likewise produced a report called ‘Reality or Rhetoric’, which ranked the various tariffs available to customers ( Both large and small scale eco-friendly energy projects will be needed to deliver our electricity needs in the years to come. By generating renewable energy in your home, you can easily reduce your monthly bills, help sustain a new industry and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

Different modern technologies are actually suitable for different houses, and the best option for you will definitely depend upon where you reside, in addition to the design of your house, so do get professional guidance before purchasing any kit. Renewable energy systems that have been used successfully in homes include solar panels, rooftop wind turbines, wood pellet boilers and ground’ and air source heat pumps. Grants to help install renewable energy at home are also available from the government, although they are usually in short supply. In the UK, the Energy Saving Trust and the Low Carbon Buildings Programme can help find expert advice and any available grants.

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